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Invacare Action 1NG

Action 1NG
The Action 1NG - Simple, Robust and Efficient

The Invacare Action1 NG steel wheelchair is the latest addition to the ActionNG Family. Although made of steel, this remains a lightweight wheelchair of exceptional quality. The rigidizer blocks, commonly used with the ActionNG Family range, make the product extremely stable and, consequently, very easy to propel. The Action1NG is available in fixed configurations for immediate delivery, but Invacare also offers a wide range of accessories to meet the differing clinical needs of users and carers for optimal, everyday, use.
So if you're looking for a high quality wheelchair that's practical, economical and convenient, then look no further than the Action 1NG.

Cross compatible to suit every need

The Invacare Action1NG shares multiple components with other wheelchairs from the ActionNG Family, including brakes, wheels, legrest assortment, cane holder and drip stand. That means you can adapt your Action1NG to fully meet the user needs. Enabling the sharing of common components reduces the complexity of handling, prescribing and adjusting the product.

Manoeuvrable, and easy to transport and store

The Action1NG has been design for optimal manoeuvrability, whether being pushed or self-propelled, indoor or out. It even remains mobile in tight spaces or crowded areas because of its modest dimensions and compact frame. Plus, thanks to it's single crossbar system, compactness and quick release rear wheels axles, the Action1NG is easy to handle, transport and store. Simply take off the rear wheels and fold it away.


The Team at Mobility Systems are not just about Wheelchairs or Mobility Scooters, they perform in various areas of Mobility Systems. Experience is there whether it is Wheelchairs, custom modifications, Beds, Hoists, electronics, etc.
Service (preventive maintenance) is the keyword within the company hence the database maintained to provide a service regime to every customer, whether it is a Scooter or Powerchair purchase or servicing Patient Hoists and Beds in a Rest Home or Hospital
In the case of new Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs the first service is free, plus 3 years AA roadside rescue cover, plus 10% off Battery prices when you need them. The  Personal Mobility System Engineers are trained and qualified, experience in their field is from 3 through to 23 years. It is not a franchise but a committed engineering company working in personal mobility.

It is hard to convey all the advantages of getting your Mobility back but we feel this wee video comes very close to showing some of the possibilities owning a Mobility Scooter brings.  


I have had my Comet now for about 7 months and must say it is an amazing scooter. I need it for mobility and it covers every aspect of my needs. Sturdy, reliable and comfortable are only some of the features that I have noted.
Sales and technical staff have been first class. I could not ask for more for the freedom that I now experience.
I have been photocopying and handing out pamphlets about the Comet and if possible would like some colour ones if possible.
Many thanks for supplying the ultimate in scooters.
Kind regards.



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