The Service Team has functions which operate in 2 areas

1 The Consumer area , this is where the Technical Staff maintain the service functions derived from the database which is generated from all retail sales of Scooters and Power Chairs.  The recommended period of service is 6 monthly, a card is sent as a reminder when a service is due, following a request from the client the Technicians will arrange to call and complete the required service. This area extends to private and institutional work which may include adjustment / modification of equipment to suit individual client need. This is normally in liaison with an Occupational or Physio Therapist   The database is updated after the service and details entered  so that a full history is maintained on each machine.



The Personal  Mobility Engineers are the authorised  Service Engineers for LINAK actuators and equipment, also having 5—6 years experience in the service of all ARJO equipment.  All  technicians on this work have been trained and qualified to work on this equipment which is used in patient handling.

A similar database is generated  for all institutions, Rest Homes, Public Hospitals, ACC clients and Private Hospitals where service work is carried out on Patient Handling equipment. The period used is 12 monthly and again the system will generate a signal when equipment is due for service.

Service for Patient Handling equipment consists of specific tests and checks , including a Load Cell check where load to 25% above rated capacity is applied. Where all tests/ checks are satisfied then a

Certificate of Compliance is generated,  if there is a failure in the case of a key test or in construction etc  it will result in a “Fail” and a recommendation for remedial work to be completed.

Copies of all Service Sheets as well as Certificates of Compliance are supplied to the client to be available for audit times. As in the case of the Consumer database a complete history is generated within the database should a full history be required by the client.


The Team at Mobility Systems are not just about Wheelchairs or Mobility Scooters, they perform in various areas of Mobility Systems. Experience is there whether it is Wheelchairs, custom modifications, Beds, Hoists, electronics, etc.
Service (preventive maintenance) is the keyword within the company hence the database maintained to provide a service regime to every customer, whether it is a Scooter or Powerchair purchase or servicing Patient Hoists and Beds in a Rest Home or Hospital
In the case of new Mobility Scooters and Powerchairs the first service is free, plus 3 years AA roadside rescue cover, plus 10% off Battery prices when you need them. The  Personal Mobility System Engineers are trained and qualified, experience in their field is from 3 through to 23 years. It is not a franchise but a committed engineering company working in personal mobility.

It is hard to convey all the advantages of getting your Mobility back but we feel this wee video comes very close to showing some of the possibilities owning a Mobility Scooter brings.  


I have had my Comet now for about 7 months and must say it is an amazing scooter. I need it for mobility and it covers every aspect of my needs. Sturdy, reliable and comfortable are only some of the features that I have noted.
Sales and technical staff have been first class. I could not ask for more for the freedom that I now experience.
I have been photocopying and handing out pamphlets about the Comet and if possible would like some colour ones if possible.
Many thanks for supplying the ultimate in scooters.
Kind regards.



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